Our vision for Vinason Pho & Grill is to source sustainably from local and eco friendly vendors.  We believe wholeheartedly in sourcing responsibly, healthy, fresh, and most importantly, transparent.  As of today, we source most of our protein natural with Sysco, who is able to provide consistency and products that we need through their wide networks.  Even though Sysco is a major brand, they buy products regionally and we believe that they provide a big boost to the local economy.  The products that we buy from Sysco include: Carlton farm pork, Oregon Country Beef, Draper valley Chicken, Wild Gulf Shrimp, and Wild Alaskan Sockeye, Cage Free Eggs, Natural non GMO cooking oil. We source compostable and eco friendly packaging, utensils,  sauce containers, wraps, compostable plastic bags, trash bags and anything else possible.  Unfortunately, we have not found a great compostable solution for our Pho soup.  It is recyclable but we aim to find something sustainable as soon as we can.  (Any feedback on this would be greatly appreciated) Healthy, Fresh and Authentic are core values of our vision.  We pay a premium for ingredients such Red Boat fish sauce,  Panda Brand Gluten Free oyster sauce, and Gluten Free hoisin sauce.  Eighty percent of our menu is gluten free, and also eighty percent is MSG free.  Eighty percent of our menu also have a vegetarian option and we can custom your meal to vegan for those who do not eat eggs. Our seasonings for all our proteins are MSG free, Gluten Free, and for some items, Soy Free.  We are not a gluten free facility but we make a very conscious effort to provide a wide variety of dishes to customers who are gluten sensitive. Our veggies and herbs are source conventional through local groceries.  It is important to note that we do not source organic at the time.  We will happily do so if our margin would allow us, but at this point, we buy our veggies fresh from local vendors and markets whenever possible.